MD-295 8000 m³/h

The MD-295 belongs to a new generation of extraction units for woodworking machinery: the MD series. With the introduction of the MD series Riedex sets a new standard for wood dust extraction units. These units are distinguished by:

Very low noise.
A large filter surface area, thus a long operating time.
A fast start, ideal for switching in unison with the machines.
A power which varies with the number of outstanding slide without an inverter is needed, thus saving without charges.
An effective filter cleaning (no need for compressed air connection)
A constant suction using fans with a flat volume / pressure curve.
4 Versions, so choosing different ways of collecting and disposing of the waste.
Automatic fire extinguishing system fitted as standard

User benefits include:

Guaranteed no exposure to wood dust and noise
Saving on electricity
Increase the comfort in the workplace
Meets the requirements of governments and insurers