DB&S machines wishes to offer a complete package to its customers, so of course service is one of our highest priorities. Our own team of skilled technicians comes as quickly as possible incase there’s a problem. Because we can log on to every machine from Hooglede, we can often already offer a solution by phone. The installation and making the machine operable is done by our own people, there is no need for the manufacturer’s help.

Afterwards, we give a necessary training to the machine operators so they can get started with the machine immediately.
We also advise you to consider our maintenance contracts as they provide a perfect guarantee of a well running machine.

In need of spareparts for our machines? Send us a mail with the explosion drawing where you mark the sparepart and we will send it to you as soon as possible!
Our mail : service@dbs-machines.be .
Or you can phone us at +32 51 62 25 11

Contact us for more info!