Holztech KL 3.50

  • Edgebanding
  • Year : 2015
  • Price : on request
  • Reference : M000514
Description :

Edge bander with glue pot and milling.
Base frame consisting of a rugged welded steel construction.
Gluing lace material on rolls up to 3 mm and strips up to 8 (10) mm.
Processing of hot-melt adhesive, one-sided working from right to left.
Applying glue by means of a glue roll.
PLC control: simply turn on various units.
Pneumatic activation and deactivation of the scrapers.
Electronic temperature control with automatic switch on standby mode when not in use.
Activation and tilting 0-20 ° of the saw for cutting to length panel.
Display with various functions.

Transit with underlying chain with individual rubber shoes (80x72mm).
Upper pressure beam rubber wheels with double row, central height-adjustable, with display.

For Free Unit with diamond tools – 2 motors 1.8 kW and pedestrian to walk draiend.
Adjustable height for even wear of the tools.
Adjustable milling depth for milling 0-3mm.
Second for milling motor equipped with copier for smooth transition from first to second milling operation.

Imports guide with micrometric fine adjustment.
Automatic feeding of edging material / strips in transit panel.
Pneumatic kapschaar for lace material on rolls up to 3 mm.
Glue pot with non-stick coating (Teflon), capacity approximately 2kg.
First driven pressure roller diam. 140mm.
Two pressure rollers diam. 60mm.

Cutting to length panel front / rear.
Saw unit with one engine, two blades and copy attacks.
Blades 80 and 100mm diameter.
Saw Unit switched on and tiltable 0-20 ° from the controller.

Free unit above / below
combined WIDIA milling tool radius (R3) and oblique simple fast manual tilting 0-30 °.
2 motors 0.5 kW for fear of massive to 8mm
Copieerrollen vertical and horizontal copieerschoenen.
Mechanical digital readouts.

Central dust extraction connection with diam. 120mm.
Extendable table extension with cylindrical rollers for bonding large sheets.

Min / max panel thickness: 10-60 mm.
Maximum panel length: 110 mm.
Maximum panel width (220mm in length): 60 mm.
Min. transit distance between two panels: 650 mm.
Lace Material Roll: 0.4 – 3 mm.
Lace Material strips: 8 (10) mm.
Feed speed: 9 m / min.
Glue pot capacity: 2 kg.
Motor for milling (2 motors): 1.8 kW.
Speed for milling: 9000 r / min.
Diamond milling tools for diameter: 80 mm.
Adjustable milling depth for milling at panel 10-20mm height: 0-3 mm.
Adjustable milling depth for milling at panel 21-40mm height: 0-2 mm.
Adjustable milling depth for milling at panel 41-60mm height: 0-1 mm.
saw to panel length one motor / two saws: 0.3 kW
Speed saw to panel size: 12 000 r / min.
Inclination: 0-30 °.
Engine milling unit over / under (2 motors): 0.5 hp.
Speed milling over / under: 12 000 r / min.
1-axis-controlled electro-pneumatic displacement.
Radius milling tool: R 3.
Cutting Tool diameter: 62 mm.
Extraction nozzles diameter: 140/60 mm.
Total power (including milling.): 16.5 kW.
Compressed air connection: 6 bar.
Working height: 850 mm.
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 4200x1000x1400 mm.
Weight: 1060 kg.

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