Service rates

01 February 2022

Travel costs (round trip) :

  • with service car: € 0.75/km
  • with truck + hydraulic crane (body 6.5 x 2.3m) : €1.50/km
  • travel per hour, per technician : € 84.00/h

Working hours :

  • working hour : € 94.00/h
  • overtime : € 141.00/h (before 07:30 and after 16:30)

Overnight costs :

  • overnight stay: €250.00/night/technician

Manufacturer interventions :

  • on request

Telephone service :

  • flat rate per service request/problem: € 50.00
  • working hour : € 120.00/h (rounded off per quarter of an hour)

Helpdesk (rounded off per quarter of an hour):

  • work preparation, technical : € 120.00/h
  • research work, technical : € 120.00/h
  • priority change of planning : € 120.00/h

Per service order, to be carried out by our service engineers at the customer's location, a
administrative lump sum of € 50.00 will be charged.

All rates listed above lapse with a machine under warranty, unless the cause of
the problem cannot be assigned to the machine.

  • An exception to this is the telephone service, if the interlocutor at the customer has not received operator training.

DB&S Machines BV, maintenance contract: on request
DB&S Machines BV, Fidelity program conditions : on request
DB&S Machines BV, nearby service conditions: on request

All rates are in Euro, excluding 21% VAT

These rates can be unilaterally adjusted without prior notice.

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