Beamsaw Mayer PS 9 Z + charging system

Year : 2008 Mayer Sawing technologie Beamsaw Mayer PS 9 Z + charging system

Beamsaw Mayer PS 9 Z + charging system

Machine is available with us and ready for operation.

Beamsaw 4200 x 7800mm
+ Automatic portal loading system with
4 positions to the left of the panel saw,
1 position to the right of the panel saw

8 sheet clamps with double clamping fingers

Dual side trigger (front and rear cutting line)

Motorised saw height adjustment

Automatic first cut

Label Printer

Vacuum loading system

90° rotatable vacuum lifter

Alignment stops in the support table

Saw blade spacing : 103mm
Cushion table with angle guide : 3000x600mm
3 additional air cushion tables (1 movable) : 2500x600m
Overstrained length : 22m
Panel length : 4200-2000mm
Panel width : 2150-1200mm

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